Accepted Papers

Franco Arolfo and Alejandro A. Vaisman. Data Quality in a Big Data Context
Kirill Belyaev and Indrakshi RayTowards Service Orchestration in XML Filtering Overlays
Hanane Ariouat, Eric Andonoff and Chihab Hanachi. From Declarative Business Knowledge to Processes Driving Crisis Resolution: application to Flood Management
Flavio Ferrarotti, Senén González and Klaus-Dieter Schewe. Efficient SPARQL Evaluation on Stratified RDF Data with Meta-Data
Rihan HaiChristoph Quix and Chen Zhou. Query Rewriting for Heterogeneous Data Lakes
Markus Endres and Lena Rudenko. Real-Time Skyline Computation on Data Streams
Stefan Hagedorn and Kai-Uwe Sattler. Cost-based Sharing and Recycling of (Intermediate) Results in Dataflow Programs
Sven Helmer, Matteo Roggia, Nabil El Ioini and Claus Pahl. EthernityDB – Integrating Database Functionality into a Blockchain
Balasubramanian Gurumurthy, David Broneske, Marcus Pinnecke, Gabriel Campero Durand and Gunter SaakeSIMD Vectorized Hashing for Grouped Aggregation
Vladimir MicDavid NovakPavel Zezula and Lucia VadicamoSelecting Sketches for Similarity Search
Bálint Fazekas and Attila Kiss. Statistical Data Generation Using Sample Data
Dávid Papp and Gábor Szűcs. Extended Margin and Soft Balanced Strategies in Active Learning
Christian Mancas. MatBase Constraint Sets Coherence and Minimality Enforcement Algorithms
Shigeyuki Sato, Wei Hao and Kiminori Matsuzaki. Parallelization of XPath Queries using Modern XQuery Processors
Igor Kuralenok, Artem Trofimov, Nikita Marshalkin and Boris NovikovFlameStream: Model and Runtime for Distributed Analytical Stream Processing
Rana Faisal MunirAlberto AbelloOscar RomeroMaik Thiele and Wolfgang LehnerATUN-HL: Auto Tuning of Hybrid Layouts using Workload and Data Characteristics
Junior Ferri, Hegler Tissot and Marcos Didonet Del FabroIntegrating approximate string matching with phonetic string similarity
Ksenia Zhagorina, Pavel Braslavski and Vladimir Gusev. Personal names popularity estimation and its application to record linkage
Roman Zoun, Kay Schallert, Atin Janki, Rohith Ravindran, Gabriel Campero Durand, Wolfram Fenske, David Broneske, Robert Heyer, Dirk Benndorf and Gunter Saake. Streaming FDR Calculation for Protein Identication
Luciano Caroprese and Ester Zumpano. Integration of Unsound Data in P2P Systems
Hemza Ficel, Mohamed Ramzi Haddad and Hajer Baazaoui. Large-scale real-time news recommendation based on semantic data analysis and users’ implicit and explicit behaviors
Elena Stefancova, Robert Moro and Maria BielikovaTowards Detection of Usability Issues by Measuring Emotions
Diego Junior Do Carmo Oliveira, Felipe Ferreira Borges, Leonardo Andrade Ribeiro and Alfredo Cuzzocrea. Set Similarity Join with Complex Expressions on Distributed Platforms
Guilherme Queiroz Vasconcelos, Daniel Dos Santos Kaster and Robson Leonardo Ferreira Cordeiro. On the Support of the Similarity-Aware Division Operator in a Commercial RDBMS
Selma Khouri and Ladjel BellatrecheLOD Queries Logs as an Asset for Multidimensional Modeling
Nikos Bikakis, Stavros Maroulis, George Papastefanatos and Panos VassiliadisRawVis: Visual Exploration over Raw Data
Xu Teng, Andreas Züfle, Goce Trajcevski and Diego Klabjan. Location-Awareness in Time Series Compression
Nurzety Azuan, Suzanne Embury and Norman PatonExtracting Format Transformation Examples from Manual Data Corrections